Guidelines for submissions

Title of paper that does not state the conclusion or pose a question
A. B. Author,1 C. D. Author2 and E. F. Author3
1 Position/designation of 1st author, primary institution, city, country.
2 Position/designation of 2nd author, primary institution, city, country.
3 Position/designation of 3rd author, primary institution, city, country.

Correspondence to: Dr Corresponding Author (incl. e-mail address)

Declare if presented in part at any national or international meetings, with details including location and date.

Short title of up to 60 characters suitable for a running header
N.B. Place the superscript number after the commas in the list of authors. Please do not include authors’ qualifications. Please note that statements such as ‘Author XX and Author YY both contributed equally to this work’ are not used.

The title should describe the purpose and contents of the paper as well as possible; in general, this should not exceed 20 words. Include relevant key-words e.g. randomised controlled trial, prospective, observational, etc.

The Summary should follow the sequence of the main body of the text, i.e. introduction, methods, results, discussion, but should not be structured. It should briefly state the purpose of the study or investigation; basic procedures; important results (giving numbers studied, values for results with p values) including relevant findings from Results, Tables and Figures; and principal conclusions.

The Summary should not exceed 250 words. Abbreviations should not be used except for units of measurement.