What is FICE?

FICE is Focused Intensive Care Echocardiography.

It is an approved, national accreditation that recognises important echocardiography skills for Intensive Care clinician.

The accreditation is co-administered between the Intensive Care Society, the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and the British Society of Echocardiographers. It involves a training day followed by 50 supervised echo procedures (10 directly observed and 40 indirectly observed).

More details can be found at http://www.ics.ac.uk/ICS/fice.aspx.

Who runs FICE courses in Wessex?

Southampton and Bournemouth run regular FICE approved courses. These will be added regularly to the WICS courses system.

Who is a FICE mentor in Wessex?

Below is a list of FICE approved mentors who can assist with local supervision of training logs. For the most up to date list, search the FICE database: http://www.ics.ac.uk/ics/directories/fice_mentors.aspx.


  • Richard Clinton (Intensivist)
  • Jonathan Coates (Intensivist)
  • Jodie Green (Cardiac Physiologist)
  • Emma Lane (Cardiac Physiologist)
  • Helen Peet (Intensivist)


  • Charlotte Allen (Cardiac Intensivist)
  • Nick Goddard (Cardiac Intensivist & Wessex FICE Lead)
  • Benoh Shah (Cardiologist)


  • Anthony Ashton (Intensivist)


  • Christine Chase (Cardiac Physiologist)
  • Nigel Chee (Intensivist)
  • Katie Martin (Cardiac Physiologist)
  • Amy Pine (Cardiac Physiologist)
  • Iryna Stewart (Cardiac Physiologist)


  • Chris Steadman (Cardiologist)

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