Research is fundamental to advancing healthcare. It requires the ideas and project development of academics, the engagement of clinicians and the voluntary cooperation of our patients and their relatives.

Throughout the WICS region, Critical Care Units are contributing to multi-centre projects or initiating their own projects. Below are some of these.

  • SPICE 3

Research Lead

Dave Pogson

NIHR Clinical Research Network CRN: Wessex Critical Care Specialty Lead

Dr Pogson is Specialty Lead for Critical Care research in the Wessex region. He is a consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia at Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital.


    The Southcoast Peri-operative Audit & Research Collaboration are a fantastic research network with the WICS region. This is led by trainees and supported by academic clinicians.

    The subgroup SPARC-ICM have a particular focus on Intensive Care Medicine research.

    Current projects include…

    • Transfusion thresholds in Critical Care
    • Lung protective ventilation in Critical Care
    • Reducing phlebotomy related blood loss
    • Treating paediatric status epilepticus