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Membership Levels

According to our WICS Constitution, we have three levels of membership:

  1. FULL – For consultants with regular commitments to Intensive Care Medicine, or an equivalent grade
  2. TRAINEE – For specialty trainee doctors on an Intensive Care Medicine programme
  3. ASSOCIATE – For everyone else: junior doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists etc

WICS have not previous kept a strict membership or retained any member details. We have a mailing list, but this is informal.

With our new website and event management system, we have an opportunity to improve the connection the society has with its members.

When members purchase a ticket for the WICS Summer Meeting 2017, their name and basic details will be securely stored on our membership list. This will be used to:

  • Confirm the payment transaction has been completed
  • Allow delegates to log in to the secure members area to review events they have registered for
  • Produce the names on delegate badges
  • Ensure dietary requirements are acknowledged
  • Provide basic demographics of delegates for analysis by the committee only (hospital and clinical grade)
  • Email delegates with a reminder of the event and further information if required
  • Possibly infrequent emails with important WICS information in the future (you will be able to opt out should we do this)

The society will not sell or give your details to anyone else. Any group emails will be sent blind copied for your privacy.

Should you have any concerns about this, please email website@wessexics.com