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Welcome to The Bottom Line (TBL). This site has been built to create a compendium of all the landmark papers which are shaping the way we manage our critically ill patients. Each paper has been summarised and critiqued using a standard template and ends with a 'bottom line' paragraph to allow a quick reminder of the key points. The papers are reviewed and cross checked by the editorial group. We take this seriously and spend time getting it accurate and as helpful for our readers as possible. If you think we have got it wrong, please let us know or use it as a discussion in the comments section. The main value of this site is the discussion of these papers and the contribution of the global FOAM community. We hope you enjoy!
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Our brand new website launches on 14th March 2016 at 08:00 GMT

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YOU CAN NOW FIND US AT thebottomline.org.uk

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Disclaimer: The Bottom Line is intended for health care professionals. Wessex ICS (WICS), the authors or editorial board accept no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the papers that are presented or critiqued here. The presence of any linked articles, presentations, webpages and comments do not imply agreement with the information contained within, nor it is a measure of substantiation. Any comments made by health care professionals must be made responsibly and only reflect the opinion of that individual. Publication of these comments does not imply any form of agreement by WICS or Bottom Line. The webmaster reserves the right to remove any comments or membership. Use of this site is acceptance of this disclaimer
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