New decade. New website.

The problem with a media campaign is that it needs regular fresh useful to actually be a campaign!

Keeping a website up to date, as a hobby, is a tough task. This website started many years ago by Steve Mathieu and has been more recently managed by Duncan Chambler. It has essentially become a blog site with infrequent updates, usually associated with the annual WICS meeting.

So, new decade and new strategy.

Rather than having multiple pages detailing all the activity of Intensive Care Medicine across Wessex, this has now been simplified to a blog site.

Keeping short and useful posts at the core of this site means it is less time consuming to maintain, easier to navigate and read, and hopefully more useful to our local and wider readers.

The ticketing for our two annual events will be offloaded to a specialist professional ticketing platform. This means fewer errors, less confusion and better website stability.

Membership details for our society will no longer be held on this website server. This means we are abiding by the UK law and reducing our security risk. Our secretary will maintain a list of contact details for local clinical staff on their secure NHS system, and emails will be sent via this only. Importantly, we have no interest in spamming, selling or losing your details. The contact list amounts to nothing more than a list of names and emails of local clinical staff in the NHS.

We hope this will remain a useful resource for those in this profession. If you wish to contribute, please get in touch: