FICM call for Unit Briefs to be updated

FICM call for Unit Briefs to update their website. Your chance to advertise your unit!

Unit briefs

As you are aware in the latter half of each year the Faculty contact individual Faculty Tutors in each region for their yearly Unit brief submission.

The individual unit briefs are undoubtedly important tools in showcase the facts of training in each region, but so too is the regional header page which we kindly ask you, as RA, to update.

This is your opportunity to showcase training and opportunities in the region and also, if you wish, to promote the regions lifestyle opportunities.

I’ve included two good examples just for reference (there are plenty of others on there too so please do review and think about any information you might like to add for next year).

I know some of the areas share a front page so if you would rather have that separated out please get in touch or, like the Yorkshire page, you can still have a overview section specific to your area

If you wish to see what unit briefs have been submitted to date this year or review the regions header page you can do so here, and e-mail any alterations you wish to make. The official request will follow later in the year.